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Thank you so much for taking the time for such an informative post Little tips and tricks from someone with your experience really helps to make this hobby more enjoyable for us new guys. From your recommendations, I have put together an order from speedtech. I already had the upgraded aluminum diff assembly, so I'll be getting the ceramic diff balls and thrust assembly. I will also be picking up some of the Associated stealth lube and black grease just for good measure Assuming the stealth lube is for the diff balls, and the black grease is for the thrust bearing, what would you suggest I use to lube the diff ring and pinion gears?

FWIW, here is my current setup:
53993 Aluminum Rocker Arm Set
53999 Rocket Nut
54125 TB03 Direct Coupling
42102 TRF Special Damper Set
54052 Aluminum Propeller Shaft
54053 Aluminum Propeller Joint
54094 Aluminum Spur Gear Mount
53500 Universal Assembly Shaft Cross Joint
54076 Wheel Axles
54077 Aluminum 44mm Swing Shafts
54054 Aluminum Motor Adapter
54150 Aluminum Motor Mount
54056 Aluminum Diff Joints
51000 Servo Saver
54095 Aluminum Racing Steering Set
54097 Carbon Steering Link
54121 Aluminum Servo Saver Horn
Futaba BLS551 Servo
Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro w/ 5700kV brushless motor
Spektrum DX3R Radio with SR3520 Receiver

Can you think of anything I might be missing?

I know. pretty much overkill for a parking lot basher, but I always tend to go overboard whenever I start a new hobby (you should see my photography equipment I haven't touched in 6 months ).

Again, thank you and everyone for your time!
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