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Originally Posted by JAMMINKRAZY View Post
I don't think in his case he could ever get too competitive. He earns a living by racing. This is just a hobby to most of us, so we are under zero pressure compared to someone like him. Give the guy a break. It's not like anyone besides the drivers on the stand and guys in the pits would of heard any of that if it hadn't been captured on tape.

Anyone out there who is pretending to never lose their cool and have a couple slip ups is just plain crazy. Anyone can lose their cool for a moment when under extreme pressure, especially when they have caught a few bad breaks.

I think it's pretty funny actually. "Why's Skinny's fat a$$ walking around on the track?"

yea i have had slip ups a couple, of times usaully if i crash i guess im just one of them guys who doesnt really, lose his cool on a drivers stand.
and i have seen a few lose their cool at, a club race you just have to laugh at that one.
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