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Originally Posted by fat500 View Post
If you look a few pages back ...I had the same problem with the tb03 pushrods.
The 14mm length (measured on the inside) will only work with the plastic kit shocks. If you run trf shocks you have to set the pushrod length to 11-12mm.
that will give you plenty of adjustment room the threaded spring collar on the trf shocks is pretty thick even when screwed all the way out so you have to shorten the rods to compensate. works like a charm
Good to see you tim
I am back in the tb03 camp now see pic below.

the lrp vector x12 17.5 is sick fast and torquey too
Whats up Marc Nice ride! Only thing you could add would be the carbon front bumper support. Is that a extra large body clip or a paper clip? For your transponder? Was trying to figure out what that was haha.

I call the LRP motors, "the 200F+ motor" Gear them till they're 200+ and they are pretty fast. A guy I race with gets his to 240 regularly...tough motor!
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