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Originally Posted by daniel15fl View Post
hey everyone, a couple of my friends and i all have AE RC8B's and besides me they have all had gremlins, cracked hubs, steering block screws coming out and chewed up clutchbells, is this common or what? plus im running a 5 5 5 and 35 shocks all around with medium sway bar and silver shock springs and my rear end is tooo loose how can i fix this

thanks in advance

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I have gone awy from the plastic hubs and now run the AE Aluminum. The are worth every penny for them.

The steering block screws I have had the nut back off. I just started using loctite as well as the locknuts.

Never had a problem with the clutchbells. You might want to re-check your gear mesh and make sure it is not too tight.

Check the RC8B thread and you will find all your answers in there. I have never had a problem with the car being to loose. My car is always locked down and most of the time pushes if anything. You ae going to have to add what kind of surface and what tires and maybe a little more of your setup to get the proper answers.
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