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Originally Posted by John Stranahan View Post
Sweep Racing Premounts, 70 F

I gave the tires a good test. We had some track prep to give us medium traction. The computer was on announcing times. We had a sunny day. I started with Sweep EXP 36 premounts. I am told the sidewall is a little shorter than the previous version. Indeed my ride height needed a small adjustment up. The tires felt great on the track. I was in the mid to high nineteens for the first time in practice. Previous best in practice was a low 20s. I ran a set of SJR 36R premounts which are Sorex tires on Jayco wheels. I was at my low 20s level but no 19s. I tried a set of Sorex 40 premounts on Jayco wheels and was in the low 20's again. I had some trouble with one bead, but I had glued these tires on so that is my problem. Give a set a try. They are at an outstanding price right now.

Duplicated by request from my XXXS tips and tricks for mod thread. The track is a long 1/8th scale asphalt track.

Thank you for your input John, your testimonial is now on our home page!

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