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I think not very much people are using Kai chassis. Looks ugly to me and itīs way too expensive. Something like the Square gearboxes makes much more sense and looks great also.

There is room for speculations always but I have to say I donīt care if Tamiya is using a 415 or any prototyp at the worlds. Itīs the same hype with the 415 as it was with the EVO3 in the beginning.
I donīt like the 415 even if it looks good. I think itīs a pain to work on if you have to rebuild the rear diff or just wanna change the front oneway for a diff. Also I donīt like those excenters for belt tensioning. I had one car in the past exactly build like the 415 in the gearbox area. Never ever.

The EVO3 is working very good now without problems. Very easy to work on also. Why change for any other car now?
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