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Originally Posted by trackdesigner71 View Post
2wdrive, do you have so massive a desire to have your ego stroked that whnever someone wants to start a discussion about WGT (or 10th pan cars in general) that you have to make some smarmy comment in hopes of freezing the discussion? The guy couldnt find anything and so he decided to start something up and now someone stepped up and pointed him in the right direction. No need to look down your nose at him
I was only pointing out that there are already brand related threads on here that is all, someone put the link here to the WGT thread, nothing wrong or smart to point out that there are already threads for those brands or class. I have no idea where your next lines comes from or what you are emplying but it is your own imagination.

By the way, i drive 200mm pancar indoors and 235mm pancar outdoors in the summer, what do you drive?

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