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Originally Posted by tcian View Post
I just came back from a 2 year break from r/c due to family reasons and was just wondering what all u guys would recomend heres i know im getting, gonna be runing 17.5 rubber on carpet with a t2 009 eu spec. I Have an orion advantage lipo charger just wondering what kinda lipos to get and radio and all that good stuff and a small power supply thanks, also what escs and popular ik the castle one is. thanks again
Advanced ESC is the best allrounder right now with extremely fast for stock motors and modified. best choice according to me.

Radio is probably Futaba PK4 or Sanwa M11X. I have no idea about Spectrum and Ko-Propo, but good transmitters that too.

Lipo should be around 4500mah to 5000mah or higher. i myself run Intellect 5000.

power supply? Any charger works for lipo hope it has balancing choice.
cheers // Andre
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