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Originally Posted by Dieguito View Post
always... always....

when someone decide to think diferent... the rest of the people.. point out as guilty...

When somebody thinks wrong, others try to correct them and teach him something.

You're right, in 1:1 onroad racing we try to achieve a very stiff chassis, so you only have the dampers, springs antirollbars and tires to be your total wheel springrate.
But in RC onroad and offroad our dampers are to crude basically to provide full damping/spring control to reach the amount of traction you would like.
So you add a bit of chassis flex to widen the sweet spot and thus creating more overall traction and make the car more reliable/resistant to crashes.

The CoG together with the total weight are the most important factors (leaving aero out of the equation because we are talking RC cars here) which need to be considered when designing a racecar.

So it seems you have all the skills (or money) to make some beautiful custom parts. Wish I had the machines to do some of that.
But I would recommend you reading some books about racecar design.
A good one to start is 'Tune to win' by Carroll Smith. Pretty much every aspect is covered and explained very clearly.
A more in depth book about racecar design is 'race vehicle dynamics' by Milliken, also called 'the autosport bible'.

The same thing goes for your Titanium conrod, the machining looks very good but the design is not, to put it mildly. For instance, the lubrication holes for the small and bigend are located on the wrong spot so your conrod will seize after a couple of minutes.
If you really want to be the first to design a proper Titanium conrod I would suggest you will model you entire engine and do some flow simulations using you Cad system. If you will compare a normal conrod to yours you will see the problems which will occur with your design.
Also run some FEA tests and you will see the current conrod design is the way to go, with the Titanium one you will be able to make it even thinner and knife edge it even more.
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