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Originally Posted by Dieguito View Post
sorry... wath is COG?!!!!....

as in the real sports cars... the chasis must be all that rigid is posible... to ensure that the suspension elements.. works as be thinked...

If the chasis fly as a flowing carpet... itīs NOT GOOD!!!!!....

The chasis.. is the chasis...
The spring is the spring..
the shock absorver.. is the shock absorver... etc...

All suspension elements must be suported by the chasis...
The chasis must work like a structure.. NOT like a suspension element...
This is the universal chasis Theory...


Dieguito, where are you from ?

Chassis in RC do need to have some degree of flex, specially in very bumpy tracks in offroad, you need the chassis to flex and help a little on the job.

In onroad too ... same theory,

cya !

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