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Chassis flex has a HUGE impact on handling. These are OFF-ROAD vehicles. Maybe in on-road your chassis could be a positive, but for an off-road buggy it will NOT. Look at the latest trends in buggies. Chassis' such as the losi TUNED FLEX CHASSIS, that introduces massive amounts of flex. We in 1/8 scale off-road, already went through the "stiffer is better" phase. Look back a few years and every buggy had a chassis designed for stiffness and aluminum chassis braces to further stiffen it. Look at buggies now. None have stiff chassis' or massive aluminum braces. That's because it doesn't work!

BTW: Center Of Gravity is one of the largest handling factors. Again just look at the latest cars that have huge amounts of engineering and R&D behind them. Everything is mounted as low and as close to the chassis' center-line as possible for a reason!
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