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need an exaple of flex in a 1:1 car verse and 1:8 off road buggy.

Take your car out to the nearest corn feild. Find the highest and steapest feild divider you can. Get as much speed as you can gather and jump it. Now when you kand your cars frame will ether BEND or just simply BREAK. Now if your car was designed to flex like the 1:1 off road truck the frame would simply bend itslef back like a spring.

Chassis flex works most noticably when the supsention and tires are maxed out. but it also works inbetween.

As for COG. Put some 36" tires on your car and try to take a sharp corner at 60 mph. bet ya $20 it will flip. Same gos for off raod RC. A lower tighter COG will stick to the track like glue in the corners. unlike your high COG chassis.
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