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Originally Posted by k_bojar View Post
anyone know where I can get the rear gearbox for the 15th anniversary car?? also known as the F104GT gear box? part number 51243

I went thru all my 'usual' people overseas (stella hobbies, rcmart, rc-model, rc market, and percisionrc) and plain outta luck...even Tamiyausa and tower don't have the part in stock...even ebay don't have the part listed

anyone else have an idea?

Not sure.
I know that f103 with the rubber trg tires that ran last Sat. (that guy was super fast!) had f104 l/r rear pod plates on it. So I would think you can get away with them. I am running the 3racing rear pod (side and rear wing plates) in my 103.
I might be going back to the plastic stuff (just keeping the motor plate) to save some weight.

On a side note... My car is still tweaked and hooking bad! I tried to run a few practice laps last week and could not make a lap without it spinning out.
Going to replace the t-plate this week.Hope it fixes things.
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