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Originally Posted by rallyebmx View Post
All rc is fun to me. Like i said earlier, the variables are what I love in nitro. If you are a person that refers to these variables as 'problems', electric may be a better choice. Thats all. I really have 0 interest in E 1/8, but for some they are the way to go. I'd wheel yours and have a blast. Its not about lap times, but I seriously doubt Id come too close to my owns buggy's time just because Im connected to it. Also, the electrics are much faster on paper and pavement. Once on dirt, they arent all that advantageous. As proven by many tracks I went to this summer
At the RAC last year the electric cars were a good 3 to 4 tenths faster than their nitro counterparts! I know this is an exception but Anthony Mazzaro (Losi Pro driver) was 5 tenths faster with his electric, he ran both classes.
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