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Originally Posted by Born2Run View Post
maxim he is not the only one who try to make money on shipping.Especially on ebay this happens very often.
he stated 6$ for Canada...that was a fair amount.....and that's why I decided to buy from him. There were a few auction on ebay but it was 125$ and shipping was like 8$ so I was able to save a few $$$ by buying from this hobby store

an other hobby store (thetoyz). Shipping was like 6-7$...that's fine with me. However, I got the item in a small buble envelop with a stamp of 1.19$ or so. I told the owner that this was not fair 5$ of handling is way too much. 2$-3$ of handling, I understand but 5$..

anyway, it's Friday and I should be happy instead of complaining
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