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2-speed problems, my NTC3 wont shift

Ive got a RTR NTC3 (pretty much brand new) and when we ordered it off tower we got the 2-speed. Yesterday we installed it but wont shift into 2nd gear

Weve adjusted the shift point so it "should" shift earlier but it wont shift in the first place and that didnt help any either.

But Ive got a few questions:
1. When you roll the car should the spur gears not move? Mine wont move unless the engine is running and then the clutch bell is spinning hence the spurs will move.

2. When the car is running should both spur gears be moving?? Both of mine move when its running so I want to make sure we didnt install it wrong or something..

3. What should I do?? We're going to the lhs in about 10 minutes to have them look at it. But if you had the same problem with your NTC3 like not shifting and how did you make it shift?? Any other input you have would be appreciated also. The NTC3 has been great it just wont shift lol.

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