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it will be interesting to dyno this engine and see how close it is to a +4.....And it will also be interesting to hear how closely to the +4 it performs on the dirt....

in defense to Losiracer there is far too much BS slung over engines and their design...if we were to believe all the marketing BS thrown at the consumer we would be fools....Over the years many companies have re branded existing engines and totally bull pooped the engines story..claiming how they have had the engine custom built to their own specifications, meanwhile the re branded engine is 100% copy of the original with zero changes.... This practice is still going on today so its not hard to see where Losiracer is coming from......IMO its a shame the nitro engine marketing is so misleading, you truly can only believe a small fraction of what the companies claim, as they will almost say anything if they feel it will help boost sales...... Now I am not saying this is the case with this particular engine, just trying to say this re branding practice has led to many false claims and blatant lies.......So don't jump down anyone's throat when they are skeptical of a manufacturers claim over an engines design origins.....

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