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Thanks guys. I know the Spx is now considered outdated and i have a Tekin on order but what i was trying to do is get the same performance i had with the duo1 out of a duo2. My Duo 1 would sing with this speedy and i tried 6 different timing marks with the same FDR as before and was around 0.5 or more slower than before. My best times with the Duo 1 is only 0.4 slower than the tekin drivers so i dont exactly think that is a slow combination. I figure that i had too much timing in the motor as im guessing i have it around 20 degrees and will scale that back to around 10 next test day and see how i go. I don't think the duo2 is as good a motor and the Duo 1.

EA, You got any old stock laying around that you want to get rid of Or do you know if Trinity plan on another production run of that motor? Maybe the Duo 1 handles the Australian heat better.
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