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Originally Posted by King of B Main View Post
I did some Testing tonight at WestCoast raceway with the Sweep 30 exp.

First off ran 2 packs with are local spec tire. My best lap was 13.4.

Then I ran the Sweep 30 exp. My car right off the bat hit 13.2 and I was still breaking in tires. My car was more stable and carrying more cornerspeed!!! Will do more testing tuesday night racing.
as we expected, that is about right number. good luck in Tuesday series. at WCRCR

Originally Posted by Korey Harbke View Post
That was when Sweep was associated with Much More. Now they split off and are a separate company from what I understand. Its good to see these tires be promoted in the US. I'll be looking forward to trying a set.

Oh yes... yellow wheels are freaking awesome. I'm so glad to have a premount available with yellow wheels!

Thanks you got it all right. this neon color is eye candy for sure.

Originally Posted by mac853 View Post
In fact i am running Sorex 40R tyre with original type A hard insert in a highbite medium size track in 13.5R 8min race.
Unfortunately, the Sorex are always wear so fast and blistering in min 6.
Could this EXP36PP be helpful to fix my blistering and fast wear problem?

Best regards
I used to Love Sorex, in fact 36R was my Advil. but In my personal opinion they have changed. try our 30yello for cool days and a EXP36yellow for warm days. on asphalt, more grip, wear lasts. they wont disappoint you.

when Summer comes we will have our own set of HARD EXP compound available.

Originally Posted by STLNLST View Post
Is that a fair test comparing new tires to a set with roughly 8-12 runs on them? How are they head to head new?
Hello Clint, i believe John will have long term report for us, he is known for, detailed, extreme accurate testing on fair ground.

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