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Originally Posted by John Stranahan View Post
I was asked to repost this information from my Losi XXX-S Tips and Tricks for Mod thread here. The test is run on a long outdoor track in a Losi XXX-S touring car with LRP X12 3.5 motor, Thunderpower 40 C battery and Tekin RX8 speed control. Speeds (60 mph) and amp draw (47 average amps) are high.

Sweep Racing Premounts

My Sweep racing premount tires came in. Thanks John. They come on yellow wheels of medium stiffness. I like the stiffness of the wheel. I inspected the glue bead carefully looking for the best premount 30's to put in the photo. It was apparent they were glued by hand. I saw evidence of a couple of stalls where the glue builds up more than normal. Practice eliminates this. This does not affect performance and cannot be seen without very close examination.

The wheels mounted easily but snugly on the Losi axles and hexes showing a good fit. The 36R tires that I will test tomorrow came unglued as they are prototype units. I scuffed the wheels as instructed and superglued the tires on. I had a couple of the stalls where the tip glues itself to the tire for a moment and stops the smooth round movement necessary for a visully perfect glue job. The insert were nice tapered rubber inserts in pink. Similar in shape to Sorex inserts. They felt like medium stiffness, although the literature with the tire says they are soft. The tire itself is identified with its temperature rating on the inside sidewall, and the tire brand on the outside sidewall. Thats a nice touch that saves you grief later on.
Road test tomorrow. Lap times maybe on Sunday.
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Sweep Racing 36R vs SJ racing 36R, 66 F air temp 84 F track temp.

I set the track to medium-high traction like I do on race day. I ran a pack to fine tune my sway bar changes. Things were in good shape after a couple of upper shock mount changes. I ran 5 laps on my control tire the SJ racing 36 R. These tires had 8-12 runs on them. I ran some good laps. I noticed how quickly I gained on a blue Nitro sedan. The car was good. I traded tires and ran the sweep racing tires (new). I was rewarded with more traction and better handling. I made progress on a blue Nitro much quicker. I ran only 6-7 laps and then decided to save the tire for racing tomorrow. The tire did not fade.
Normally a new tire is a little quicker than a well used tire. This is especially noticeable on indoor asphalt. On our outdoor track there is a new tire effect but it is much smaller than idoors with stock motors. Chances are good that I will still have more grip after 8-10 runs.
The only thing left now is to test durability. I will try to count runs on this set.
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Is that a fair test comparing new tires to a set with roughly 8-12 runs on them? How are they head to head new?
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