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As far as ackerman , I can adjust it like Conrad said by using spacers or on the chassis I can make slots where the servo mounting screws go and I can slide the servo back and forth.

For the weight distrubution its very interesting everyone has been telling me different. Some people say you need more weight in the front than the rear others say you need more weight in the rear than the front. While others say 50/50.From what I have read it sounds like 50/50 is the best. What makes it complicated is the teeter-totter affect.(don't know official name on of it) the idea that the closer to the center a item is the less it affects it.On the other hand it will affect it alot more when its far away from the center. If you look at a tc5...

Rear: motor , 1/2 of the battery, and the esc
with the electronics I will be using this adds up to 414g
Front: Reciever, 1/2 battery, servo
with the electronics I will be using this adds up to 191.5g

But all the items are close to the center as far as front to back goes.

I do think the layout I posted has too much weight on the rear because the motor is so far back so I came up with a couple more layouts.

The first one is close to 50/50 but since the rear saddle has to be farther back it is probaly more like 60/40.

The next one is basically the Durango except the motor in the middle and the esc on the other side of the receiver. I looked and I would have to also put the servo in the middle with the direct link set-up. This is very close to 50/50 with a very slight emphasis on the front. If I where to move the receiver by the saddles it would 50/50 within a few grams.

Which do you guys think would be the best?

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