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Originally Posted by gsxr0311 View Post
i have both, but havent ran the f60 yet. rite away i noticed a difference with the parts. 1 the pro has a carbon shaft, a way better servo saver, stronger tie rod links and you can change wheels without readjusting the diff everytime, the center shock is actualy a shock, the f60 shock is just a spring no fluid. by the time you replace all these things it will have add up to prob more than the pro. the f60 body set is $26. i race my pro and just play with the f60. I think if you want to race get the pro and the f60 body, but if you want to play get the f60 kit. thats just my opinion.
I concur, it's like I was reading what I had done, (as far as just having the Pro and purchasing the f60 body) Having the PRO is the way to go!
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