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Originally Posted by punkracer24 View Post
durango car certainly looks cool for sure and has some pretty sweet ideas

but i can assure you that it is the other way around with the stuff you see that is similiar...and thats first hand info
This is so not true.
I guess you'd take a look at's gallery to see some of the older pics of Gerd's Durango project - at that time driven by Joern Neumann. In this stage the car was still featuring Thunder Tiger suspension but you can clearly see the whole concept.
Serpent got involved in that project years later, when both, Serpent and Gerd teamed up to make his project ready for mass production. And we all know it did not work out.
When Joern left Team Durango at the end of the 2008 season, current 1/10 WC Martin Achter became his successor, while Gerd Strenge and Michael Vollmer got this baby ready for us.
Serpent continued on their own, based on an older Gerd Strenge design and that's why their car looks no way nearly as good as the Durango.
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