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Interesting findings today running 13.5 1/12 scale with a Duo 2. Previous fast lap on our track was 8.4 which myself and one other had been able to do a week or so ago. I upped the turbo to max and the turbo to 10 for my first qualifier and ran another 8.4 and a few 8.5s. Temp after that 8 min run was 212* For the second run, I dropped the boost to 50 and turned the turbo off and ended up running an 8.3, a bunch of 8.4s and my top 20 laps were an average of 8.5. Temp after this run was 120*. And that was with the same rollout as the previous run.

Guess what I'm getting at is that on a small indoor track, turning the boost all the way up and having any turbo just turns the extra timing in to heat. Other surprising fact was that each time I geared down it got faster to the point that I ended up with a 64.5mm roll out on a track with a 66' straight. Before the new software we were gearing around 75mm. The timing on the motor was right in the middle, whatever that is.

Set up:

Throttle profile - 5
Boost - 50
Turbo - 0
Start rpm - 2548
End rpm - 8000
Duo 2 motor timing - one notch + of center

The only bad part about the new software is that I now have a bunch of really big pinion gears that I don't need.

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