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Originally Posted by rmdhawaii View Post

Yes or No? Since everyone isn't converging to the same design independently and at the same time, as you map changes over time, does innovation give the first company to implement a change a competitive advantage over the other cars until the other companies implement a similar design change?
I would say yes at a pro level. If you look at Formula 1, it is the first team that can adapt to the seasons new rules that is drastically faster (0.5s per lap sometimes) and then the rest catch up mid season too late to score any points but they all get there independently.

I race formula ford, spec miata and 125cc shifter light and I can tell you that there are guys out there that spend 10x the normal budget on their cars and yes they are a tiny bit better but a driver is more important at the grass roots level but a pro driver and a 10x budget car is hard to beat.
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