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Originally Posted by HoboShop View Post
They my look similar but they don't perform the same! Get over it the kyosho and the xray are better cars then the mugen. I can show you laptimes of drivers who use to drive the mtx4r and are now faster with the 733,vonerrr evo2 wc,nt1. The mtx4r is great car had one 2years ago with all the hopups made for the car but I was alot faster with the vonerrr evo2 wc last year. This year I am going to run the nt1 ec to see how I like it. I don't go off of what other people say about motors, and cars, I buy them a test them out my self. So stop these stupid mtx4r vs the world threads the car is outdated. By the way the only reason why the mtx4r won the 2006 worlds is because Andrea rossi broke Chris toso car when he was up by over 2 laps on the entire field. And it still took him the whole race to reel Chris in even through he was driveing with a broken front suspension. Kyosho tqed at every 10 scale world chamionship and either won or had two cars on the podium. Enough said!!!!!
I can tell you that it's mostly about the driver.

When Robert Pietsch drags his bone stock MTX4-R to one of our regionals, he usually puts at least a lap on all of those newer cars out there.

I have actually overheard strong supporters of brand X or Y considering to buy a Mugen, since Robert can't be that much faster

Yes, the MTX4 is an old car, but when you UNDERSTAND it, it's still very competitive.
I'm not saying I do, but there's certainly people out there who do.
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