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Originally Posted by DS Motorsport View Post
I think the reason for all cars looking alike is the fact that designing an RC car is quite simple and straightforward. With all the modern cad and simulation programs pretty much everyone with an engineering degree and a copy of race car vehicle dynamics (by Milliken recommend it to everyone who wants to know the true principles of race car setup) could design an RC car.
And because it all is relatively simple, everyone starts to draw the same conclusions and the computer analyzing will show, for instance which is the best chassis design for a certain amount of flex and certain handling characteristics. Because of CNC-machining getting cheaper (China) you will see more complicated designs and more aluminum, but the basic geometry will stay pretty much the same.
Furthermore you could easily spot that the RC cars generations.
The old generation of 720, MTX-4, v-one blabla and NT1. The next generation was started by the 733 and followed by the Velox V10. The Capricorn is somewhat between both generations, I would call it an evolved NT1.

Regarding Question 1:
You will see some small differences, like different springrates and antirollbars. But the basic setup would be very much alike, at least this is my experience with identical 1:1 racecars.
The small difference are mainly because of driver preference, some prefer a little understeer, some a little oversteer.
This may actually be the point, everyone in the RC industry is going through the same schools, reading the same books and using the same programs unlike when the industry started and some guy drank some sake and just drew it on a napkin and bam we had the grasshopper.. So when you have a limited set of dimensions to work with and then principals to work around (cog, balance, narrow diffs/long arms and such) you apparently end up with nearly the same stress points so the main differences become the materials.

I watched Serpent first hand testing new plastics for the 733 that they believed were dramatically better than their original set although one team driver believes that the original plastics have their moment to shine and he is storing them until that moment. Perhaps more durable or perhaps faster, I am not sure of their exact findings.
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