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Originally Posted by Sp Racer View Post
where's the chassis shot of the G4RS '09 ?
Post a picture, I would love to see it too since I have driven all of the other cars except the g4 series. If you have square overview shots we should start looking at upper deck designs as well to learn where the flex is in each car.

lil-bump, if you missed my point I will simplify it for you. For every "revolutionary" change each manufacturer promises, they end up basically copying someone else except for a few. This isn't a 'VS' thread, so I am not taking any sides and don't drive any of the cars involved at the moment but I have driven all of them mentioned except the g4.

I half expected either the Losi or Xray offroad cars to have belt drive or something really revolutionary when they had their spy shots released but again.. just a copy with minor improvements. Or perhaps shaft drive for a nitro sedan, something.. I know its a copy of electric and there is really only one way to get the power from the mid bulkhead to the front but there has to be some ingenuity somewhere?
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