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Originally posted by CypressMidWest
Foam equals fast, and fast equals FUN!!! Foam on asphalt is an absolute blast!!

Rubber tires on every surface suck in my opinion. If I wanna slide around and WAIT for my car to hook up I'll run dirt. Of course on a good blue groove track the dirt car won't even slide around.

As far as rubber being good for the hobby I disagree. I see the argument of speeds being too great on foams has been made, and I can't recall the last time I heard somene say they were quitting because their car was TOO FAST. I've seen alot of people quit because they couldn't get thier car set-up, and therefore had trouble driving it.

I contend that not only are FOAMS cheaper, but they make set-up easier for newbies. Your set-up doesn't have to be dead-on to be drivable with foams. I also argue that FOAMS make for way better racing. Traction+Rip=Big Fun

No Traction+Rip=broken car=frustrated beginner.
I hate to turn this into a foam v.s. rubber thread, but there is no way that foam is cheaper than rubber. The only instance that this may be true is the major races where you want a new set of rubbers for every run. The only problem is, I saw a bunch of foam guys truing down foam tires, and having them as one run tires too. Where does the madness end?

For the Novak USTC, I bought all the sets of tires that were availible to me for two reasons: A. The handout tires were close to $10 cheaper than what they sell for off the shelf. B. I can use the handout tires for the reset of the year. I now have enough tires to race competitively until late summer. Honestly though, I was turning the same lap times with my two week old tires I had been using in practice than the new tires I used for the first heat.

I ran foam for a couple weeks, and in that short period of time, I spent double the amount I spent running rubber.
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