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Originally Posted by TryHard View Post
Quick question for you on the split suspension blocks avaliable for the 416. Have you tried these, and if so, what were your thoughts?
I've been running them for a while on the front to avoid bending the C blocks in a hard hit, and everytime I've backed to backed them with the standard block I haven't noticed a difference in the cars handling. Am I missing something here, or is it just a case that they are more fiddly to put shims under?
Hi Ed

Right about now I expected to be trying the two options out back-to-back now I have finally got my split blocks through! Nevermind, its still snowing here (I'm 10 miles straight line to Chatham)! I did try it at Rug Racers last week and couldn't feel any difference at all.

Hoping to make it to my local club this week and don't have anything else in particular to try so will do a back-to-back with the two and let you know what I find. I know Andy & Graham Robson said they didn't feel any difference at all, just stopped them bending the bar.
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