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Originally Posted by Ritchie T View Post
Ha was just flickin through the manual and clocked your in the back

Yer just noticed now you and Grainger wrote Narrow Hex U3570 under driver notes. Ill have to snap a pair up soon. By standard in the rear do you mean the ones that come with the kit?

You also wrote under tyres Sorex 28 JB, i usually use the 28's a lot but i dont think theyre JB. Whats the difference?

Get to try it out for the first time tommorow woo
I can answer that for Chris, the standard in the rear are the ones that come in the kit.

The Sorex tyres with the JB have a foam insert in rather than the grey rubber insert in the other type available. The JB version has more grip, and equates to being about half a second a lap quicker. This is on carpet, I wouldn't like to say what they are like outside.

Keep us posted on how you get on with the car, good luck!
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