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Originally Posted by tc5 man View Post
so if the backplate wont come off ,smoothly even though the piston is all the way down then ,just turn the flywheel down more?

do you have to take the flywheel, off before you even think about taking the backplate off also?
Originally Posted by tc5 man View Post
if you put the piston all the down there, shouldnt be a problem getting off. the backplate, without damageing anything right?

if you seal it from the outside, of the backplate does that work good?
Just in case you don't know
TDC = top dead center
BDC = bottom dead center

The flywheel has nothing to do with this so leave that alone. Just make sure the piston is at TDC before you go and pull the back plate off your engine and you'll be fine. If I was you I think I would get someone who knows what the internals of the engine are help you out before there is more problems then just a broken piston skirt.

Also don't all engines have a o ring to seal the back plate anyway? I know the ones I've had do. So why mess with it.
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