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Default Re: Re: Receiver sizes

Originally posted by InitialD
Futaba definitely works. The receiver that comes with 3PK or 3PJS. KO definitely works because they are smaller than Futaba receivers. Sanwa / Airtronics should work also because these are used by Serpent team drivers in Holland.

p/s: If I recall, were you one of those who got the 705, sold it and bought the MTX-3 and now back to Serpent 710?
thanks for the info. the JR receiver i have not only has the crystal in a different spot, it is too large to fit in the cover. anybody have a nice, used used radio they are willing to part with?

as for owning a mtx-3, i have only ever had a 705 and now a 710. you must be thinking of someone else.
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