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Originally Posted by trerc View Post
That would be my biggest concern, the cars being boring on larger tracks. I could see them being fun still on a 60' layout but on 120' not so much.
Any perceived "boredom" should be more than offset by trying to nail lines in the middle of a honest-to-goodness pack of cars all racing for that line as well.

Originally Posted by trerc View Post
I think if anything we'll see a spike in the RCGT class when the new rules do go in effect. Guess time will tell.
And it's a great thing that alternatives are there for folks who just don't get it. It was said from the beginning in VTA--it ain't going to be for everybody, and that's entirely OK. That's what throws some people about the class is that it doesn't try to be all things for all people. There are some neat classes out there (RCGT being a GREAT example) that cater to folks who get their buzz on with more speed. Heck, if we did RCGT here I'D probably get back in to more TC-like racing.

Originally Posted by terryh1313 View Post
is the 25.5 in the store's yet or is it coming later
The 25.5 stator for the Ballistic motors is available from Novak directly via the Shopatron system. Part number is S663X, price shipped is $42.64 (34.99 plus $7.65 shipping, guessing CA residents will have to add tax). I BELIEVE Novak 2 indicated they will sell an entire 25.5 Ballistic motor to-order as well for folks that don't already have Ballistic motors to add the stator assy to.
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