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Originally Posted by ultegrasti View Post
2w will be just fine. might try the lrp so haas can try the tekin. need some1 w/a hotwire though. dont have 1 anymore and its setup for TC (30# OF BOOST).

Your signature is funny. ROAR should just give up on oval as CW and the DODC rules setup takes care of the oval guys. No one needs ROAR for this class of racing. Just goes to show racers don't need ROAR they just need people dedicated to a form af racing like we have for oval and they can start their own rules package and grow like oval has without ROAR.

The size of the oval races around the area easily show ROAR is not needed or wanted. Its best if ROAR stays with messing up touring cars and offroad and stay away from oval that is doing great without them. Actually oval has never been so good.
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