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Originally Posted by marine6680 View Post
Too much solder... More solder is not better for the connection, it does not make it stronger or electrically superior. Having too much solder can hide bad solder flow problems, is can also weaken the connection by having extra solder flowing into the un-stripped section of wire, making it break easier. Its best to use just enough solder to make a connection, it has less resistance and holds up better.
Look at this new drawing:
Can we say that, once we obtained a successfully result like that on the left, adding solder to reach the result on the right adds mechanical resistence without decreasing electric resistence?

Originally Posted by marine6680 View Post
Gold and silver plated parts
The question is: is Sn63Pb37 + RMA flux the best for gold and silver plated parts too?

By the way, I notice that some RC wires appears externally grey instead of reddish like copper. Why? what material are they done of?

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