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Originally Posted by skypilot View Post
even with the tamiya motors, the playing was never level, heck, especially with tamiya motors.

I have a tekin rs pro, most drivers at my track have a tekin rs pro, i can run a normal 24-26 total timing with no boost or turbo geared at a 3.7 and i am faster then the rest of them with various timing, gearing, and turbo. I have the same results using a SP lpf esc.

my point is, we all have our own individual stories, and I am not sold, or convinced that anyone that wasn't already at the top of thier game suddenly jumped two or three spots with a simple esc change.

sure its one of the those must haves now. and i'm sure it helps, but if everyone has one, does it matter in the long run.
I know the debate will rage on, but I don't think the motors in this silvercan/black can class made a significant enough difference for performance. They were as close as possible and I think other things made a lot more difference than the motors. Having low power at the tap meant you had to make sure everything else was in perfect nick to make the most of the little power available. That's why a small problem or tiny setting error made a big difference. People of course blamed the motors because it's easier than chasing the perfect setup, but I don't buy it.
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