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Originally Posted by trerc View Post
What type of surface are you racing on? I don't get that kind of wear on carpet or asphalt. Typically I wear about 3 sets of fronts to 1 set of rears and a set of fronts will last me a month. The way I see it is I've ran the same motor and lipo since I started racing VTA so I won't bitch about replacing tires as I know that's just part of it, i don't expect them to last forever. It's certainly cheaper than the days of motors, batteries AND tires.
I race on a few different types of asphalt at three different tracks. One of the tracks has fresh asphalt that's a permanent facility. Another track holds races in a parking lot, and the last facility is also a permanent track but it's asphalt is very old. If you're getting a month from fronts, that's not much worse than the wear I'm seeing. However, when we first started racing VTA the tire wear on these same tracks was much better (maybe twice as good). The complaint back then was how long it took for tires to soften up and break in.
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