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It seems that a lot of tracks are running "house rules". That may work at your track when you always have the same racers show up. But, when holding a big race, when people travel to out of town races, they are immediately at a disadvantage. Some allow "turbo", some don't, some allow slicks, some mandate full tread.

Having a consistent set of rules followed by everyone should be the goal. The guy with the GTB ESC can't really compete against the latest timing boost/turbo ESCs if everything else is the same. A 21.5 VTA car shouldn't be running similar lap times to 17.5 rubber TCs. We shouldn't need to buy 25.5 motors just to get back to the pre timing boost/turbo ESC days.

Just get rid of timing boost and turbo. Nobody is forcing the modern ESC guys to use features that other guys can't. They can always turn those features off or use a different profile. The non timing boost/turbo ESC guys can only buy a new ESC in order to level the playing field. The racing is much closer the slower the cars go.
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