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Yeah, but the tires I took off my TC4 when I sold it that had run two years with the original 4-cell / 27T spec are still VERY useable--no bald strips or anything front or rear. They've definitely worn, but they're FAR from worn out. These were run on carpet mostly but did 3 demo events on asphalt too. The slower speeds (and not THAT much slower...only talking 1 second on a very average size track) create MUCH less tire wear, MUCH less damage with the inevitable shunts, and MUCH closer racing. Slowing them down to the original (or close to it) speeds is a win win win proposition. Hell, that first set of tires/wheels is the price of a stator assembly. TWO sets of tires/wheels is pretty darn close to a motor. You're saving money left and right versus if you're wearing out a set a month.
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