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Originally Posted by zixxer View Post
+1 looks a little big for the losi box
Cobra r/c has the follwing packs for rx lifep04 packs

losi ,nanda,mp9,rc8 rc8t,rc8b,hong nor. hump 1350mah equivelant to a 1950mah nimh

Xray,Mugen ,hobao etc stick pack 1350mah equivelant to a 1950mah nimh

D8 1100mah equivelant to a 1600mah nimh hump available mid jan

you might ask questions about the equivelant statement its all about the discharge rating as it is controlled by the grid and the way the grib is manufactured not like a car battery that is an uncontrolled current device .The grid is designed to limit the current flow on discharge to the servos demand not more this way giving you a longer run time .

I hope this information helps you .

please send us an email to [email protected] as we ship these batteries worldwide .
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