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Originally Posted by bluephi1914 View Post
I second that....

I think that any of the new Speedos will make you faster. I upgraded to the new KO Propo and raced some guys from last season that chose to keep their old speedos and they couldnt compete. are driving skills were the same and they just couldnt keep up. Straight away speed, cornering speed, etc.

The new speedos make 21.5 seem like 17.5 and 17.5 seem like 13.5.

I prefer KO Propo because it lets you manipulate its profiles... rather than just give you 7 or 8 profiles and no further options. KO Propo allows you to manipulate every aspect of the throttle curve. Including drag brake, brake strength and timing.

There are other ESC's that do this im sure, but I like the KO best... I would put the KO up against any other speedo out there right now.
Actually, at our track I run the Tekin and consistently beat the KO BMC driver and his name is on the driver's championship perpetual trophy twice compared to mine which is only once (this year).

I think success with the Tekin hinges heavily on setting it up correctly. Once you start to understand how this can be achieved, the Tekin is very good. I raced in 21.5 and have not found anyone who can touch me (people are running Tekin, LRP and KO speedies). We even had a guy who showed up a few times and run a 6.5 turn motor in a few races and I beat him as well (and he was not a beginner).
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