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Originally Posted by yokemad View Post
sounds like it's all about programming and correct gearing because most guys moved to GM because of lack of balance between top and low end ,you can have one or the other...
I use v198 with 45 boost no turbo function ...
I do agree with most of your comments I love my Tekin and can't wait for new software
I love my Tekin also.
Most of the GM drivers that switched to Tekin are happy.
The only thing that find some drivers a problem is finding the right setup.
Most of them still think that a lot of Boost will make them faster with the lowest Turbo delay there is.

The GM is fast but finding a good setup is harder than with the Tekin.
This is what a lot of drivers scares away. It also makes the speedo for some drivers not faster but slower because they don't now what they do.
Whit Tekin it's the same but it's easier and you get help from every body that has a Tekin.

For me is it Tekin all the way.
Updates are free and the Service is the best. Tekin is nr 1 in that!

I also can't wait till it's there.
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