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1# So you've tested all asian made engines against all Italians and noticed the difference ? Which would be how much ? (not focusing only on GO)
Gen 4 GO was a Nova copy, 7p and 3p were not. If you look only on rod dimensions then the old rod and proably the sleeve was replaceable but I assume you are aware that the current parts are not the same anymore ?
What I admit was (again if we compare to GO) is that 4+ has better mileage than GO 5p. Powervice it's not that different.

2# OK so first you claim you know what materials etc. all the engines builders use and now you claim you know better what I've done or am doing ?? You have a chrystal ball there as I do not recall to know you personally. And tro remind you we were not talking about these micro engines. Also have you run all current spec Taiwanese engines to back up your statement ?

3# Ie Nova is ripping off customers as Werks is doing just fine with smaller price tag ?

All in all just admit, Nova or any other engine is not THE ENGINE that would be better than anything else. If it would be then everyone would be using it.
I'm not trying to say that GO OR any other engine would be better than Italian made ones just correcting the false saying that Italian made ones would _always_ outperform + outlast any Taiwanese engine thus everyone should by Italian made engine. Same thing would be to say that Kyosho will always outperform and outlast LOSI because Kyosho is made in Japan and LOSI is made in Taiwan.

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#1. European engines in general do outlast asian engines, not opinion, fact. The GO engines are Nova copies, parts are cross compatible, timing specs are the same. Strangely, the GO's do not run as well as the Nova P5 they copy. In the paragraph after you even admit as much.

#2. You have not been there, done that or you wouldn't feel so insulted because you'd know I was right. If engines as good as the europen engines could be made in Asia and for a better price, then it'd already be happening, it's not. FWIW, I never said it was anyone's fault, just the way it is right now.

#3 Werks isn't crap or ripping off his customers, he is making less money per engine (as are ALL the EU brands because of the exchange rate) on purpose, betting that if he offers better stuff for less, he'll earn more customers. It's a gamble and he knows it. Ron (screen name "Werks" on this forum) would be glad to explain that to you himself.

To the OP, buy a european made engine. They are always better and they are no longer more expensive.
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