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Originally Posted by Poinas2 View Post
Wow, well let me tell you that I've been there and done that as well. If you don't know or can't specify what you want and find the right source and end up getting crap is it's the suppliers fault ? No. You can get the exact same stuff from china than you can get from Europe or US, you just need to be able to get your act together. If it would be impossible the China economy would not be booming like it is when all others are going down-hill and they would not be the guys to whom USA owns most money. In 1990-> they were learning the subcon. business, late 1990 and whole 2000 they have been making money and now we can see the results.

Ofcourse the labor, energy etc. is cheaper there. That't the reason all major WW companies are there getting their goods made on cheapest way possible.

Saying that Taiwanese engines offers 1/2 the life of your precious Nova is crap and you know it as well as I. Also stating that all of them are NOca knock-offs is only telling that you really don't know anything. If there was a model copied from some old Nova design 3 years back does that mean they all are copies and that there would be no difference ??

As I said earlier there still has been some performance differences between the Taiwanese engines and the traditional brands but the gap is closing out fast. For the Nova and others I hope they can keep it up as it will eventually do only good for the customers as it would offer the real development on all aspects.

If you have a guy who want's to make a living out of selling these little engines howcome it would be only the guy selling the Italian mill that would understand the customer service and aftersales service ? If you want to believe this is the case then fine but without any real back up this statement is just bs. If you are referring to the issues with GO in US I assume that was more down to a individual person and I know that there has been changes also in Nova distribution chain because of obvious problems but that can't be due to brand itself can it ?

BTW now that Werks is selling their B5 for 199 does this mean that Nova is now ripping off their customers ? Or does it mean that all of a sudden Werks is also crap as it's below 200US ?

But let's get back to the original topic. We are now filling this thread with lot of speculation, personal opinions and other BS which is not helping the original poster.
#1. European engines in general do outlast asian engines, not opinion, fact. The GO engines are Nova copies, parts are cross compatible, timing specs are the same. Strangely, the GO's do not run as well as the Nova P5 they copy. In the paragraph after you even admit as much.

#2. You have not been there, done that or you wouldn't feel so insulted because you'd know I was right. If engines as good as the europen engines could be made in Asia and for a better price, then it'd already be happening, it's not. FWIW, I never said it was anyone's fault, just the way it is right now.

#3 Werks isn't crap or ripping off his customers, he is making less money per engine (as are ALL the EU brands because of the exchange rate) on purpose, betting that if he offers better stuff for less, he'll earn more customers. It's a gamble and he knows it. Ron (screen name "Werks" on this forum) would be glad to explain that to you himself.

To the OP, buy a european made engine. They are always better and they are no longer more expensive.
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