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Originally Posted by houston View Post
i sell the 3 ports for 135$ , that is a good pricepoint for performance that you get

with 40$ for a little extra work , they are almost undetectible from much more expensive engines . powerhouse does a great little 3 port also . novarossi power

I guess it depends on what your comparing too... I highly doubt the modded 3 ports would even get an eyebrow raise from me...Sorry but $40.00 of tweaks is not going to cover the cost to completely re-engineer the engine..which IMO is what is needed for one of these 3 ports to run anywhere near where a stock Picco will, especially in a truggy.........I guess if all you run on is slick dry tracks then these weaker engines look good, but on traction they are going to be nowhere near considered powerful.......To each their own I guess !

FYI I have modified a few 3 ports, Sirio CL3B's and RB S3's..... I have done multiple stages of mods on these engines, from mild to full drag... Yes i increased performance, and quite significantly in the higher mods...However the end results were nowhere near what I would consider a powerful engine by my standards... And to make the engines somewhat decent they took a massive amount of work that pushed the cost of mods well past the point of being worthwhile.... For $40.00 you aren;t adding much to these knocking at you in any way, but in the case of these 3 ports your starting with an extremely primitive engine that doesn't even make 1 HP on the make it truly compete with some of the other engines mentioned they are going to need a massive amount of work

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