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There are tons of great engines out there. Most to all are great quality, or atleast you get what you pay for.

$100 motors
$200 motors
$300 motors
$400 motors

At EACH price range you will find similar motors with similar characteristcs.

If you are not sure what to get, check out what the others at the track run. This philosiphy is not for motors, but can apply to most anything RC. You can have the greatest motor out there, but if you do not use it in the right application, a lesser would dominate.

Your equipment is only part of the equation. Driving skills make up the largest part. I could have a $2000 setup, but there are guys at my local track that could spank me with a Radio Shack truck.

So what I am saying......

Don't get all caught up in the hype. Just buy good solid reliable equipment. Work on your driving. And then when you can keep the truck on its wheels for most of the race and consistantly be in the top of the pack at a sportsman level.......... Then it might me time to invest the extra cash to compete with the local " fast guys "
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