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Well, to start with any servo will work with an AM or FM radio, so it wouldn't be a bad investment to go for a nice digital servo now, and save money in the long run.

Either way, some good brands to look at are JR, Airtronics, Futaba, and KO. I'd stay away from Hitec, as a lot of people including myself have found their servo offerings to be off and on as far as reliability goes.

Other than that, just look for something in your price range. If you decide to go with a good digital servo, I'd go with KO myself simply because I've heard so many people who are pleased with theirs, but all the above mentioned companies make good products as well, along with one or two others probably.

For a TC, you're going to want speed at .10 sec or lower at 6V, and over 100 oz/in of torque. Many companies make a torque orriented servo and a speed oriented servo, and for a TC you want to go with the speed oriented servo - as long as it has over 100 oz/in of torque, it will be more than you need.

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