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Please don't just get new gears that is not necessarily needed . More than likely when you rebuilt your diff you put the internal gears back together in a different order than when they came out. Therefore the wear surfaces are not meshing the same as before and feel a bit notchy. One tank of fuel will fix that.

Regarding your ring and pinion. Is there a lot of slop between these gears? Have you attempted to shim them tighter, clean them, check for dirt particles? With a high wine sound, you most likely have a diff shim out of place, check their tightness. I hold the rear outdrives with my fingers and then rotate/wiggle the rear driveshaft coupler back and forth. There should be a tiny amount of play. If that binds they are too tight, place a shim on the diff cup side. If it is a huge click, you need to put a shim on the ring gear side of the diff. (vice versa if this is a losi 8ight b/t rear diff)

The gears in your drivetrain should last a long time. It just takes a little tweaking from you to make sure they are good to go.
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