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Originally Posted by Hengfook View Post
My experience:


- Been using Futaba for more than 10 years before the switch;
- Good feel, super response on throttle and steering, great design on the throttle and brake adjustment, very light


- serious overheat issues till now. There may have a small % who don't. Ratio 9 to 1
- Futaba never rectify the issue and the system is not stable or safe to use especially in summer or countries with hot and humid weather all year round. Futaba users can be seen drilling lot of holes in the receiver box to overcome the heating but not long term;

I wonder why Hara never had holes in his radio box whilst drivers need to do that ?

I would advise to go for M11, tx is a lot heavier but not a lot but it is very consistent and safe to use under any situation.
You are 100% full of crap. I live in vegas, where is 110 when we race during the summer. I run straight lipo, no reg, and have never had an issue. I have drilled no holes either. The only issue i had was when i ran with a regulator, that would overheat and not send power to the rx.
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